Air Station Miami operates a number of facilities for the readiness and morale of its members.

Pool Pavilion: you may rent the pool pavilion for $30 a day. One certified lifeguard must be present per 50 people. Certification must be presented to MWR prior to booking. Click on the drop down menu above for more details.

Auto Hobby Shop: you must receive safety training from LTJG Morrow. Schedule training more than 24 hours out. You will receive a password to unlock the reservation calendar once you receive your training and sign the hold harmless agreement. To enter a reservation you will also need to register with this website at the bottom of the page.

GYM: the new hours are 24 hours for Active Duty and 0800-1100 and 1300-2200 everyday for everyone else.

Crossfit GYM: located behind medical

Sand Volleyball Court: located next to the pool pavilion

Basketball/Tennis Courts: located behind TACLET South’s building. If you need to borrow a ball there are some outside the MWR office in the gym.

Gear Locker: we lend out recreational equipment to members of Air Station Miami, more details below.